Jose Body NadaJose Nombre BacteriaBorn in Caracas, Venezuela, JOSE began his interest for music at a very young age. He became fascinated in the early 80’s with a big salsa movement.

JOSE was inspired by the rhythms of salsa, and with the boyhood dream of becoming a percussionist began his formal training at Pedro Nolasco Colon, conservatory in Venezuela. Wanting to master the art of Afro-Cuban percussion, he took an intense Timbal course, with Alberto Borregales, and later studied congas and bongos with Miguel “Miguito” Urbina and Poleo at the library Aquiles Nazoa (Caricuao) he then formed a group with his brothers, playing a Venezuelan style folkloric music. He continued to pursue his studies with the FOUNDATION BIGGOT, With Alexander Livinalli & Ismael Querales, where he studied Afro-Venezuelan percussion.

At 1992 he became part of one of the most popular groups in latin america during the mid 90’s LOS FANTASMAS DEL CARIBE, as a singer, and percussionist. These years brought him huge recognition and many awards through out latin America. Their first album, “CARAMELO” with Sono Rodven, sold more than 1,400,000 copies. Over the years, they released 5 more albums and enjoyed great success. They were honored with an invitation to perform in viña Del Mar (Chile), winning the award of LA GAVIOTA DE ORO. He also won awards from Premio Lo Nuestro (UNIVISION GROUP), BILLBOARD, and various others. JOSE has since been working as a session musician, recording over 50 albums for various artists,some of theme; Carlos y Jose,  Fuerza Norteña,  Los Trios,  Javier Alonso,  Martha Santamaria,  Los Dinos,  Industria Del amor,  Foreños,  Pedro Capo,  Los Horoscopos De Durango , and performing whith so many Artist: Thalia,  Lucia Mendez,  Fey, Dareyes De La Sierra , Persian & Armenian market:  Martik,  Helen,  Nouhanne, Behzad, During this time, he has put his heart into developing material for his new project. Working together with top songwriters, and with some of his own compositions.